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Shouting From the Rooftops: Shop Local!

Shopping locally puts hard-earned dollars right back to work in the community.

Keep Recycling Your Dollar

By choosing to re-circulate your dollars in Cherokee County, you play an essential role in keeping our regional economy strong, creating jobs, and providing vital tax revenue that supports things like road repair, police, and fire protection.

Keep Our Community Strong

When local businesses flourish, they can continue their support of important community projects and charitable organizations.

Keep Our Economy Strong

For every dollar spent locally, you can have a positive impact of $3.00. If we all do that, it will have a measurable effect on helping our local economy recover from the recent recession.

Keep Your Neighbors Working

Cherokee County is a region with hundreds of companies open for business and eager to assist you – large and small, franchises and locally-owned, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Shop Local is a mindset.

You do have a choice, and you can make a difference.